Avolac (Lactulose)

Pack Size: 100 ml

အေဗိုလက် ဆေးကို ဝမ်းချုပ်ခြင်းနှင့် အသည်းရောဂါလူနာများတွင် သွေးတွင်းအမိုးနီးယားဓါတ်ကိုလျော့ကျစေရန်အသုံးပြုပါသည်။

Lactulose which is not broken down in the stomach and small intestine, begins its action in the large intestine where it is broken down primarily by intestinal bacteria. In this degradation process, lactic acid is produced, this in turn supports the growth of intestinal bacteria important for humans and hinders the growth of putrefactive bacteria; thus, normalization of intestinal flora (eubiosis) results. In addition, the increase in metabolic degradation products in the blood which cannot be sufficiently detoxified by the liver is reduced.

Lactulose improves the transfer of calcium salts and phosphates from the intestines, stimulates intestinal peristalsis and leads to softening of the stool. It also leads to healing and improvement in gum diseases through normalization of metabolic processes in the parodontal region.
Even long-term use of Avolac does not lead to habituation and thus there is no loss of efficacy.