Oxytocin 10IU

Pack Size: 1ml x 10 ampoule

အောက်စီတိုစင် ၁၀ ယူနစ် ဆေးသည်မီးဖွားရာတွင် သားအိမ်ညစ်စေရန် ၊ မီးဖွားပီးသွေးသွန်ခြင်းကိုကာကွယ်ကုသရန်အသုံးပြုပါသည်။


In Antepartum:

  • Induction of labor in patients with a medical indication for the initiation of labor, such as Rh problems, maternal diabetes, (pre-) eclampsia at or near term, when delivery is in the best interests of mother and fetus or when membranes are prematurely ruptured and delivery is indicated; 
  • Stimulation or reinforcement of labor, as in selected cases of uterine inertia;
  • As adjunctive therapy in the management of incomplete or inevitable abortion. 
In Postpartum:
  • Oxytocin is indicated to produce uterine contractions during the third stage of labor and to control postpartum bleeding or hemorrhage.