Pack Size: 10 ml
ပက်ဒီကွန်ဆေးသည် ကလေးများတွင် လေထိုးလေနာခြင်း ၊ နို ့ချဥ ်ပြန်ခြင်း ၊ ရင်တောင့်ခြင်း ၊လေချဥ ်တက်ခြင်းများကို သက်သာစေရန်အသုံးပြုနိုင်ပါသည်။ 
1. Flatulence, abdominal distention, fullness, gas and windy colic 
Pedicon (Simethicone) is an excellent and effective antiflatulent. It is used for relief of the painful symptoms of excess gas in the digestive tract. Such gas is frequently caused by excessive swallowing of air or by eating foods that disagree. Pedicon (Simethicone) drop is especially used in infants, acts in the stomach and intestines. Thus Pedicon (Simethicone) enables freeing and eliminating the gas more easily by belching or passing flatus.
2. Large bowel preparation
Addition of Pedicon (Simethicone) to a polyethylene glycol bowel preparation produces symptomatic improvement prior to investigation in patients undergoing colonoscopy.
3. Treatment of poisoning
Pedicon (Simethicone) has an anecdotal use as an antifoaming agent in the management of accidental ingestion of foaming detergents.